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Our products
AI DubbingTranslate video into another language with voice cloning
Text to SpeechCreate realistic speech from text in any language. Use our voices or create unique with voice cloning technology
Speech to TextGenerate subtitles for your audio or video content
Voice CloningReplicate any voice you choose. With its versatility, you can easily bring your creative visions to life and personalize audio content!
Video dubbing with voice cloninginto 31 languages with DubSmart
30+ voices in any languageChoose a language and tap on the button with the name to play
Use casesDiscover Endless Potential: Uncover How Our Solutions Adapt to Your Needs
Tik Tok
TV Shows
Fitness Apps
Tourism and Travel
Virtual Events
Virtual Characters
How it worksDub videos quickly and really easily
Choose one of three productsAI Dubbing, Text to Speech or Speech to TextDub a video, create speech from text, or generate subtitles for a video using AI
Upload your videoInsert a YouTube link or upload audio/video from your deviceUpload an audio or video file to create STT or AI Dubbing project
Edit your projectAdd speakers, edit timings and textEdit text, speakers, voice, timestamp in translated video or subtitles
Download the finished projectSelect the desired format and save your projectDownload the project in the desired format
Create your own voiceWith voice cloning technology
Upload the fileThe audio of your voice should be free of background noiseButton for creating a voice using voice cloning technology
Get your voice clonedCloning takes a few seconds. That's super fast!List of created voices
Use it in your projectsThe created voice can be used in Text to Speech & AI DubbingUsing the created voices in Text to Speech and AI Dubbing projects
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Voice cloning.
High-quality cloning of the voices of all video participants.
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Other video services.
We support uploading videos from YouTube.
Ready to dub and reach out to the world?
How many languages can I use right now?Speech to Text supports 60+ languages including English, Spanish, German, Hindi, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese. AI dub supports 31 languages including English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and Arabic.
Do you have a customer support?You can write any question in the support Chat which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Can I cancel my subscription?Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time in the Dashboard on the Payment & Billing page.
Do you offer a free trial?Yes, we have a free trial period. During the trial period you will be able to dub 3 videos.
Can I change my plan?Yes, you can change your plan at any time in Dashboard on the Payment & Billing page.
Can I dub a movie?Yes, you can dub a movie using AI Dubbing. The voices from the movie will be automatically cloned.
What are the benefits of dubbing videos?You can maximize revenue from each video by easily localizing content for a global audience.
How AI Dubbing works?
  • Downloading
  • Speech to Text
  • Speaker detection
  • Translation and rephrasing (if needed)
  • Voice cloning
  • Text to Speech
  • Auto timestamp alignment
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